Back to (Flow) Basics

Tuesday 11.30-12.30h

60 minute class by Ileana that breaks down the fundamentals of vinyasa flow yoga. Each class will dive into a specific aspect of vinyasa, with the goal of helping you find the poses and flow that are right for your body. Emphasis on breath and mindful movement. This class is intended for both beginners new to the style, and intermediate practitioners who want to dive more deeply into vinyasa. Taught in English.

Proefles (Trial class): € 7,-
Losse les (Drop-in): € 12,-
5 lessen: €50,-


Ileana Tauscher:
Originally drawn to vinyasa and power yoga, my relationship to yoga changed from ‘this is something I do for exercise’ to finding empowerment and helping me create a new relationship with my body and emotional self through the practice. For my classes, I draw inspiration from a mix of styles grounded in trauma-informed teaching approaches to create a class that is accessible and fosters in students a deep connection to their body and breath. My goal is to create a space where all bodies feel welcome, whether you are a beginner or more experienced.
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